About Us

About Us

Your gateway to financial freedom

Our Philosophy

Communities prosper when they maintain trade within.

Our Objective

To encourage in our co-operators regular uninterrupted savings, an entrepreneurial spirit, savvy investment skills and a culture of ownership.

Our Goal

US$1 billion capitalization

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Our Services

Your gateway to financial freedom

Fast Transfers

Your uXpress Money transfer system is secure and easy. Send funds to other members and merchants instantly.

Deposit Funds

Deposit money into your uXpress SACCO Account through several convenient multicurrency payment options.

Withdraw Funds

Withdraw money from your uXpress SACCO Account though various, convenient multicurrency payment options.

2023 Growth Targets

uXpress SACCO Society has set an aggressive 5 year growth strategy. Our 2023 growth targets are:




Loan Book





uXpress will this year commission a delivery business to service members sending goods between South Africa and Zimbabwe

uXpress Couriers

uXpress Couriers (Pty) Ltd.

uXpress will this year commission a collaborative platform for members and our merchant partners to interact, share information and trade.


uXpress Rewards (Pty) Ltd.

uXpress will this year commission a Money Transfer service that will allow members and other clients to transfer funds within Zimbabwe.


uXpress Money Transfer (Pty) Ltd.

Our Brands


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